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Accomplish Your Fitness Goals

Among one of the New Year’s most popular resolutions for many people is the desire to work out more and achieve peak fitness. While the intentions are good, keeping the motivation past the first few weeks is often a challenge for some. Coupled with the fact that it takes some time before physical results are evident, and you can see why many people fall of the exercise wagon by the time spring rolls in.

While many individuals who adhere to fitness routines confess to having started at an early age, there’s no reason you can’t find the consistency and motivation to keep going, even if it’s the first time you are exercising. Consider the following tips.

Natris Morris

Temper your expectations

The most beautiful architectural masterpieces in the world took time to build, so have reasonable expectations about the gains you will make. Rather than aim for achieving a high level of performance in a short time, start at a comfortable level and work to slowly build your strength, stamina, and conditioning.

It doesn’t have to be boring

Choose routines and workouts that are not only effective but exciting as well. Have a list of activities that you find enjoyable and incorporate them into your workout. Additionally, have inspiring music playing along every time you exercise.

Lastly, you don’t have to exercise at the gym only. Find additional ways of being active, like taking the stairs at work, walking to the grocery store, finding friends to have fun with at the park.

Natris Morris is a former wrestler who has maintained his love for sports and keeping fit regardless of a busy work schedule.


Owning a Record Label

There are people who love music, then there are people who are music lovers. It’s what separates the casual iTunes downloader from the music collector with thousands of records in their home. That deep love of music doesn’t reside in many people’s hearts, and those that qualify sometimes take it a step further and start their own record labels.

While many people have a relaxed attitude about running a record label, the music industry is serious business and it is easy to get into trouble if you don’t pay attention. That means sourcing for as much advice (legal and professional) even as you venture into the business.

Natris Morris

Natris Morris

Choosing the genre

Creative types like musicians hate the term as it makes them feel boxed in a category, where they would love for their work to transcend boundaries. However, there’s a reason most record companies are built to target a specific market.

Perform some bit of research and find what other you can offer than other people aren’t.

Setting up the roster

Many record label owners are either musicians or fans. As such, it may be tempting to sign up all your music-making friends and let everyday be a blast (if you are not planning to take the business too seriously). However, if you want to taste success, you aim is to be objective/selective and find talent that people can gladly give up hard earned money to listen to. A relentless pursuit for excellence will come in handy at this point.

Extra tip: When it comes to the business side of things (money, contracts, and licenses), have everything in writing, and always be willing to learn.

Natris Morris is an entrepreneur who owns Cross My Heart Records, a record label he started to pursue his love for rap music.