Natris Morris – Screenplay Development

Natris Morris is a self-made man: an entrepreneur who recorded and released an album of his own rap music on the Shatter Dreams Music label, released a second album on the label he founded himself, and the founder, owner and operator of Cephalic Service Center LLC, a provider of merchant account services such as debit and credit card processing based in Champaign, Illinois.

Natris Morris

Natris Morris

He is also a creative writer who is developing his own screenplays. Like any other creative writer he is concerned with the elements of the story he wants to tell, and what the best way to structure it might be. He has taken the time-honored approach of repeatedly watching and analyzing those movies that have meant the most to him and have had the most impact on him as a viewer, and applying what he learns to his own creative process.

The movies that have the greatest impact are those with compelling characters that capture the emotions of the viewer and get them involved in the story. As Natris Morris determined from his own viewing experiences, he and other audiences have not only become interested in those characters, they have identified with them and become passionate about them, even in those cases where the characters are not especially likeable. Movie heroes have inspired him, while movie bad guys have made him want to stop the villain himself.

Good movies always have a main character who has something important at stake, who really stands to lose something if things don’t go his way. These things must drive the story forward, Natris Morris has learned. He has also learned that it’s one of those things that sounds easier than it is, but he is determined to turn the story he wants to tell into a compelling screenplay



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