Natris Morris: No Frigate Like a Book

Natris Morris is a man of wide ranging interests. He has written, recorded and released his own music, started his own record label, and launched a merchant account services business called the Cephalic Service Center. He has also expressed himself through creative writing and is interested in writing screenplays.

Natris Morris

Natris Morris

His personal interests include studying history and literature. There is a lot about literature that he finds valuable. It has the power to transport him from an easy chair to another place far removed from his surroundings, and see life and life experiences through the eyes of another person. That helps him to understand the lives of other people and see things in a new and different way. He says that this is best summarized in a poem by Emily Dickenson, who wrote, “There is no frigate like a book/to take us lands away/nor any coursers like a page/of prancing poetry…” One of the best things that Natris Morris has experienced through an exposure to literature is that it has made him a better writer.

Natris Morris says that it troubles him that young people today do not seem to read as much as other generations of people, like his parents’ generation. He says he doesn’t know for sure, but one reason for that may be the explosion of technology over the last twenty-five years or so. With so many technological distractions today it can be hard for young people to appreciate something as profoundly simple as a collection of printed pages enclosed between two covers.



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